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HP Wireless Assistant launched via Hewlett-Packard for Instant monitors the connections of Wireless card or cards Notebook PCs with Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10, allow you to manage wireless local area networks, wireless wide area networks, and Bluetooth wireless, Wi-Fi devices using one graphical interface for User.

HP Wireless Assistant comes as an in-built feature in Windows operating systems. HP Wireless Assistant show's the status of all wireless devices, allowing you to enable or disable all or some wireless devices.

Here We will be discuss how to install, configure, and use the HP wireless Assistant and hp wireless assistant driver. And Simple frequently asked questions of HP Wireless Assistant.

How to Download and Install HP Wireless Assistant?

Follow the easy steps to Download HP Wireless Assistant Manual:

Install from HP Support official website:

Go to the HP Drivers and Downloads web page for Enter your PC model/serial number Or Product number.
Follow the on-screen instructions. A Popup Model box prompted says enter your area and language, model number or product number, and the installed operating system.
Choose the operating system below Select operating system option Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.)
Choosing the operating system, locate and select HP Wireless Assistant. Click On Download option, and Save the file as you wanted location like internal hard disk driver or external HDD or laptop on the computer.
Right-click the downloaded file and choose the option Run as Administrator after this follow the instructions to install the HP Wireless Assistant.


Install the HP Wireless Assistant using Recovery Manager Tools :

Read this instruction to install the HP Wireless Assistant on a notebook PC with an original HP image of Windows 7.

Click Start Menu, In Search field type recovery manager, Now Choose the Options Recovery Manager from the listing. If prompted box pop-up, allow the action to continue for Process.
On the screen Recovery Manager Show, under I need assist immediately, Click on the Software Program Reinstallation.
A New Screen box pop-up for the Software Program Reinstallation, Choose the HP Wireless Assistant option and click the Next button to start the installation.
Read and Follow the On-Screen Guideline instruction to end the installation process.
After installation completed, you need to restart the computer, Now the HP Wireless Assistant should be active, and the icon display in the task-bar.

Configuring of HP Wireless Assistant on PC :

The HP Wireless Assistant status icon can be found on the task-bar.
To open the HP Wireless Assistant, right-click the icon & then select the Open Wireless Assistant option.
If the HP Wireless Assistant application is installed, however the icons are not displayed, change the setting's via performing the following step's.
Click Start, select Control Panel, or then click Network and Internet Option.
Click HP Wireless Assistant to open a window that list's all wi-fi devices. The status of each device is displayed. Click the Properties button.



Installing and Using hp wireless assistant driver


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Why need of HP Printer Assistant Software?
This is one of the common questions that arises in every User's mind.
Well, HP Printer Assistant manages all your print activities and improves the efficiency of your Printer.
It not only keeps your Printer up-to-date however also protects it from any internal damage.
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So, installing this software will only make things easier for you.

How Printer Assistant work for Printer?
If you mean how to connect or reconnect this software to Printer, then read the below:
Connect the hp Printer again to regain access to HP Printer Assistant tool's
Click Connect a new printer
Select the connection type when prompted and then follow the on-screen instructions to set-up the Printer.
In case the connection fails, Retry, and then continue to the next step.
Now turn off the Printer and then restart your computer.
Turn on your Printer and open the HP Printer Assistant.
If the HP Printer Assistant opens, the issue is resolved, and you can go on your work; however, if it does not, then continue to the next step.

How to Download HP Printer Assistant?
You can download and install the full feature software for your Printer from the HP website. It be noted that the HP Printer Assistant is not available for Mac computers.
Turn on the Printer
If your Printer is connected to the pc with a USB cable, disconnect the cable from the Printer. The software installation prompt's you to connect the cable if needed.
Visit HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Download's.
Click Printer if a page which says Let's identify your product to get started displays. Type your printer model number or then click Submit.
Click Change if you need to change the operating system. Then select your version and click Change.
Click Download, below the Driver heading.
During the installation, select the Typical or Recommended type of installation's when prompted via the software installer.

What is the Hp support driver assistant?


hp support assistant gives everything necessary for administration, for example, automated software programs, troubleshooting, program evaluation, and text. In this case, we don't enter all the program's; we can experience many issues when fulfilling the duties of the company.

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